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A Community-Owned Network

Connect yourself.

Connect your community.

Connect the world.


Partner organizations working to bridge the Digital Divide across Baltimore

Connecting Communities Across Baltimore

Waves is a Community ISP focused on providing Internet access to all. Over one third of the Baltimore City population is without Internet access. Waves builds relationships with community organizers across the city and focus on lighting up access to residential areas that are classified as Internet Deserts.

Democratizing Access to Information

From Southern Park Heights all the way to Lakeland, Waves is comprised of Community Leaders, Activists, and Technologists from across Baltimore City. We're passionate about democratizing access in the very neighborhoods we live in and serve. The Waves team is trained to coordinate installations, do community outreach, and run digital equity meetups.

Pricing Should Never Be the Barrier to Access

Financial capacity should never be a barrier to access to the Internet. When you schedule an install, a Digital Steward will coordinate with the volunteer team to get you connected. Equipment Costs and monthly donations are Pay-What-You-Can, recommended amounts are $120 for Install, $20 for monthly donation.

Waves Core Values

Why Internet Matters

Per the UN, Internet Access is classified as a Human Right. Internet Access enables freedom and opportunity in the 21st Century.

Bridge the Digital Divide

Per the Deutsch Foundation's Digital Access and Equity Report for Baltimore City 2017 report, 75,000 homes lack internet access.

Availability ≠ Accessibility

Comcast is available throughout Baltimore, however their pricing makes them inaccessible to many families.


We would like to thank our generous supporters who have helped us grow and kept our core operations running. Donate to Project Waves and help propel our mission for equitable & accessible internet forward!

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