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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the process and service.

1. What is your product, and what speeds will you provide?

The goal when connecting any individual is to make sure they're getting high-speed internet(25mb+) with no data cap, and no throttling. I do not necessarily see this as competition, but rather as a way for Baltimore to circumvent ISPs like Comcast which tend to price gouge consumers while also delivering a sub-par service. The recommended tax-deductible donation amount is $10 a month for service, $120 for installation. Monthly donation & installation fees, however, are Pay-What-You-Can, as I strongly believe that pricing should not be a barrier to internet access.

2. Can I sign up now?

Yes! People can begin signing up, and you can do so via phone(443 681-9384), email(install@projectwaves.net), or ideally through the submission form: projectwaves.net/join-the-network. The more folks that sign up & show interest in a community, the more of a motivator it will be to work on delivering service to that area.

3. What is required to sign up?

Contact goes through email, phone, or the submission form. For questions, those can be directed towards install@projectwaves.net, however I'm also currently working on setting up a community slack channel for the Waves project, that will allow for folks in the Sharp-Leadenhall and Greenmount West communities to talk amongst each other, as well as talk with volunteers.

Regarding equipment, we will provide a Wireless Receiver, as well as a home router as a part of the recommended donation of $120 for installation. For those who request an install, a Digital Steward will coordinate trained volunteers to setup the equipment at the resident's home. People are welcome to purchase and install the equipment themselves, but may have to talk with the Digital Stewards to ensure their equipment is setup properly and is able to connect to the network.

4. How secure is the Internet connection?

We do not keep logs of anything in the network. However anyone along the route chain could view unencrypted data or metadata (just like any ISP can). The organizers of Waves can see a spreadsheet of signup information volunteered by participants on the join-the-network page on the Waves website(name, phone, address, but email is optional).

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